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dr. michael ryce, sometimes searched for as dr. michael rice

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What People are Saying

dr. ryce's message of forgiveness and healing through relationships is simple, straightforword and transforming. Through his seminars and writings, I have learned the tools to create the most Loving relationships I have ever known in my life. michael's work represents the most powerful work on the planet.
Bruce Dooley, MD, author of Perfect Health Forever, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

That one worksheet—the first one has had an impact on every phase of my life. Without you I might never have found the solution—I didn’t even see the problem. Now when a member of this family becomes stressed the others in unison say, “Do a worksheet!”
Jimnah Shiyr, Farmer, Ava, MO

I now divide my life into “Before the 40 Day Intensive” and “After the 40 Day Intensive”! What a marvelous experience. WOW! My life has shifted totally from these new realities. My life got joyful! I never imagined I could feel so good so much of the time! I no longer feel locked out of life.
Patricia Livingston, Therapist, New York, NY

I do believe, to date, the tapes “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!” have been the single-most important workshop/ educational experience which has contributed to my understanding of myself and the world around me. Thank you.
Nancy Doughterty, Writer/Editor, Malvern, PA

There aren’t words to express my gratitude. The Commitment has become a mainstay in our family and has transformed our marriage into a wonderfully strong, supportive and very freeing relationship. S.K., Fayetteville, AR Thank you for your “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!” workshop. After 200 sheets in 40 days, even my sister said I’d changed more in 40 days than 4 years of therapy (not to discount therapy). This is powerful stuff!
R. P., Austin, TX

Thanks to your teaching my dad lived. If we did not have the knowledge, he would have died.
E. J., Misala, Japan

One workshop—my life has transformed.
S.C., Miami, FL

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In Ways to Live It, you will find information on how to apply the Tools you will learn at HeartLand to your life. There are articles by Chef Ari and CJ Ryce along with some delicious recipes. Testimonials are provided to give you an idea of how HeartLand is changing people's lives. Partners in Parenting is presented by CJ ryce, author and mother dedicated to bringing michael's message to children of all ages. Happenings: Support Team Articles pages provides you with articles describing the outcomes of Intensive graduates. Mind Shifters Program is our support group outreach program. Learn how you can support others and bring the message to your neighborhood!

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Why is This Happening to Me . . . AGAIN?! 
by dr. michael ryce
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